vendredi 13 avril 2012

Behind the scene.

Today I wanted to share with you a behind the scene, of my CG illustrations 'Life in Pink'
I always start by creating some rough sketches, to define the moods, colors, and posing for my girl.

Them moving into my favorite 3d software, Modo, I will create a 3D model, she will basically stand in the so called T-pose. Them I will create the needed clothing accordingly to match my sketches
See Below.

Yes before been posed or animated, every CG character will look like that.

Now onto the posing and making the illustration itself. She is now driving her Vespa, I always try to have the cleanest Mesh possible, it makes things easier for posing and animation. Skinning will run smoothly, I always aim to be clean with every 3D meshes, I am creating.

Here the illustration with her textures applied, before lighting and rendering.

Finally I have shown you some before and after rendering, using my photobooth illustration.
You can see the various tweaking I am doing to obtain the final result.

I hope you enjoy this Behind the scene, if you want to see more or maybe if you want us to cover some particular details.
Leave a comment below and we will try our best.

    Take care

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