lundi 9 avril 2012

Des nouvelles!

My illustration <Enjoying summer break> was awarded the CG Choice Award, and is displayed on the Choice Gallery at CGTalk. You can visit the thread here: 
Mon illustration <Enjoying summer break> a gagné la Récompense CG Choice Award, elle est visible sur la Choice Gallery à CGTALK. Vous pouvez la voir ici :

Also this illustration is awarded the 3DTotal Excellence Award, and is scheduled to go into the 3DTotal forums, in this forum:
Aussi 3DTotal a attribué la Récompense d'Excellence a cette illustration et elle est maintenant visible sur le forums 3DTotal :

2 commentaires:

  1. Hi, great character and render!! i'm beggining in 3D World and i have one simple question (stupid question maybe) Do you already model in the final pose/position?

    thanks and keep the great work ;)

  2. Hey Cristiano, thank for your comments.
    Basicily it is easier to model your character on neutral pose then you pose it using bones and skining.
    Hope this help